We only build websites in WordPress. Why? Because WordPress is, by far, the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS), used by approximately 75 million websites. WordPress is free to install, deploy, and upgrade. Thousands of free plugins and templates reduce costs and time. And once the site is built, its easy for you to begin managing your website yourself.


Social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, is driving politics, culture, and business these days. We can help you create a social media presence that integrates seamlessly with your website. The interplay between content-rich websites and up-to-the-minute social media is how the game is played now. We can get you in the game.


Moving up in search results – also known as search engine optimization, or SEO – is not magic. It requires disciplined composition of text and use of the right tools. Fortunately, WordPress has amazing built-in SEO capability, which we maximize in combination with other available tools.


Three Bean Studios offers unlimited monthly bandwidth and disk space for a very low price. And if there’s ever a web or email issue, you don’t have to deal with some big, impersonal company. You just give us a call. All our hosting customers immediately go to the top of the list for service.

Three Bean Studios provides a full suite of web development services, including design, social media integration, search engine optimization (SEO), and hosting. We work exclusively with WordPress, the world’s leading user-friendly content management system.

Twelve Recent Projects

Girls of Africa

Client: Girls of Africa, a non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides education opportunities for girls and illiterate adult women in Africa, especially the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Need: Introductory website, essentially an online brochure. Responsive, expansible, strong design sense, donation gateway.
Tools: Divi theme and builder.

Assalone & Associates

Client: Assalone & Associates, LLC provides accessible and aggressive legal representation and defense, with a focus on divorce, child custody, and criminal defense.
Need: Recreate existing site on our hosting server, then move the domain, all while preserving search engine rank.
Tools: Divi theme and builder; Yoast SEO, Jetpack, MAMP Pro

Janie Appleseed

Client: Janie Appleseed Network provides education and services to grow 21st century health literacy skills by cultivating adoption of consumer controlled personal health records.
Need: Membership system, video integration, custom applications, searchable indexes
Tools: HealthCoach WP theme, MemberMouse, javascript, CM Curated List Manager Pro, Jetpack

The Westerly Columbus Day Parade

Client: Since 1947, the Columbus Day Parade his drawn attention to the contributions of Italian-Americans in the United States and southeastern New England.
Need: Simple site with a lot of color and images. Online registration.
Tools: Divi theme and builder; Jetpack


Client: Since 2011, Transcends’s mission has been to make implementation of RFID (radio frequency identification) simple. We believe any solution – whether using readers, sensors, WiFi, or beacons – should suit enterprise-wide needs and show a positive return on investment.
Need: Replace existing site, including deep indexes of blog entries and press release archive, mailing list signup.
Tools: Enfold WP theme, MailChimp, Securi Security, All-In-One SEO

Full Range CRM

Client: The professionals at Full Range CRM have provided consulting, implementation and training on Act! Sales & Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management software for over 15 years.
Need: Replace existing site, fresh new look.
Tools: Divi theme

CAST Publishing

Client: CAST Professional Publishing produces books that help educators at all levels improve their practice—and change students’ lives—through Universal Design for Learning (UDL).
Need: New site thematically similar to parent organization yet functionally distinct. Accessibility, mail list integration, and product ordering gateway.
Tools: Visual Composer, Yoast SEO, MailChimp, Jetpack

Beth Pite

Client: Beth Pite is a member of the Connecticut Pastel Society and an award-winning artist. Her work has been in juried shows in Connecticut and Rhode Island, and is in private collections from coast to coast.
Need: Beth needed a compelling design that included unique layout, a lot of color, well-organized galleries, video, and a blog.
Tools: Garnet WP theme, Jetpack

SVDP Rhode Island

Client: SVDP Rhode Island is a Catholic, lay, nonprofit organization that provides person-to-person service to Rhode Islanders in need, offering material assistance, friendship, and dignity to all.
Need: New site with simple, impactful layout. Include and organize a lot of information in an attractive, smaller space.
Tools: Divi WP theme and builder.

Westerly Land Trust

Client: The Westerly Land Trust conserves open space, revitalizes culturally significant properties, and provides environmental programs for the enduring benefit of our community.
Need: New site. Lots of images, huge number of pages, some with significant archived information. Need to organize all this material in a natural, readable manner.
Tools: Divi WP theme and builder.

MAE Organization

Client: The nonprofit MAE Organization operates on a Mind, Body, Spirit model which empowers and compassionately facilitates in the healing of mental illness and opioid addictions with the homeless demographic through holistic healing modalities.
Need: New, very limited site with contact forms and a unique mosaic tiled image gallery
Tools: Divi WP theme and builder.

America's Agency

Client: America’s Agency, campus security and international logistics
Need: Longtime client had an old HTML site I created for him in 2009. We mutually agreed on a conversion to a one-page, responsive, WordPress site.
Tools: Divi WP theme and builder.

About Three Bean Studios

Three Bean Studios offers wire to wire web development services, from domain name acquisition and hosting to the development of powerful content management (CMS) websites and full integration with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. I only work in WordPress, the gold standard for CMS, which is built on the PHP programming language.

I’m Mark Gordon. I started Three Bean Studios in 2003 as a web development and graphic design firm. Between 2003 and 2010, I was able to build a deep portfolio of nonprofit and small business clients. I’m now back after a five year hiatus from the web development business, and once again focused on social enterprises, both for-profit and nonprofit.

Maybe the most important thing you should know about Three Bean is that I’ve been in your shoes. Over the last thirty years, I’ve run nonprofits and small businesses. I know what it’s like to have to balance a budget, write grant proposals, meet a payroll, answer to a board and find a way to promote my organization on a shoestring. I’ll bring the same hard work to your web project that I do to the nonprofit organizations I still lead.

Contact me at 401-954-2029 or email mgordon@threebeanstudios.com
Twitter: @3BeanStudios
Facebook: /ThreeBeanStudios

Why WordPress?

Because a quarter of the Internet is powered by WordPress. Because WordPress is the most powerful content management system (CMS) available today. Because organizations ranging from the mom and pop store around the corner to media giants like Time and CNN use WordPress. Because your design and functionality options are virtually unlimited. Because WordPress is secure. Because it supports all forms of media and is easily integrated with any service or application. Because WordPress began as a tool for bloggers in all fields – from food and sports to religion and entertainment – to build their own web platforms, which means that it was designed with amateur end-users in mind. Too much of the web is a black box to ordinary people. WordPress breaks open the box. Here are some more reasons!

Open Source and Free!

You won’t be charged for installing WordPress, updates are made at no cost, and the software can never be converted to proprietary status.

A Global Developer Community

Tens of thousands of site themes and over 50,000 plugins and widgets. The vast size of the WordPress developer community ensures spot-on design and function.

Easy to Learn & Use

If you can use MS Word, you can master WordPress. An easy-to-use graphical editor, simple dashboard, and straight forward media library.

The Best Possible SEO

Google loves WordPress. Search engine optimization is native to the WordPress page and file structure. You’ll be showing top results in no time.

Plugins & Widgets

Over 50,000 plugins and widgets. These programs give you an incredible range of options for everything from e-commerce to online forms, galleries, audio/video, and more.

Technical Support

Along with almost infinite design and functional flexibility, WordPress sites receive incredible tech support from plugin, widget, and theme developers, as well as user communities.